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Kama Creme Female Sexual Enhancement Formula

At last, a genital crème that dramatically enhances the sexual experience for her.

Have you ever fantasized about having the most amazing, breath-taking, tantalizing orgasm that just leaves you with insatiable desire? Have you listened to a friend describe to you the phenomenal excitement of the most intense sexual pleasure a woman can have? Where do fantasies and folklore combine? In a tube of Kama Crème. With just a touch of Kama Crème ecstasy becomes reality.

Experience the exotic and mystical pleasure of Kama Crème.

Kama Crème heightens the arousal phase of sexual pleasure when applied to the sensitive genital tissues of a woman. Arousal is encouraged by the gentle warmth and tingling sensation of soothing menthol. As the experience continues, the pulsating and soft heat intensifies, which further enhances blood flow into the area. While the menthol stimulates, the essential amino acid L-Arginine initiates the nitric oxide pathway of sexual stimulation. This pathway, discovered in the early 1990’s by Nobel Prize winning scientists, is the human body’s physiologic basis for clitoral sensitivity, arousal and excitation.

Kama Creme
Why is Kama Crème different? : Kama Crème’s unique blend of natural ingredients is designed to provide the liberating freedom of the elusive at-will orgasm. Whether you are married or single, at home or traveling, ecstasy is but a touch away. Kama Crème allows a woman to heighten her pleasure while alone or with her lover. The crème provides a magical sensation that stimulates the clitoris and leads to the most exquisite of orgasms. Science and nature combine in Kama Crème to give you a warm and tingling feeling that will leave you breathless.

How quickly will I experience the magic of Kama Crème? Most women feel a warm and tingling sensation just seconds after rubbing Kama Crème onto their clitoris. The feeling quickly intensifies and women have reported reaching full ecstatic orgasm within moments after applying! Although most women report results within seconds of applying, for others it may take minutes and reapplication may be necessary. Remember every woman’s body responds differently.

Is Kama Crème safe for frequent use? Yes! You can use Kama Crème as often as you desire. The key ingredients, Menthol, L-Arginine and Dioscorea Mexicana Root Extract are safe, non-addictive and Natural. There are no known side effects with the amounts used in Kama Crème.

Is it safe to have oral sex during and after the use of Kama Crème? Yes! The ingredients in Kama Crème are safe for oral ingestion. However the Kama Crème is unflavored and can cause a tingling sensation in the mouth.

What will my partner experience with the use of Kama Crème? Most men will experience heightened pleasure with the use of Kama Crème. A similar warming and cooling sensation will be experienced.

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